Wreath Braid: How To Make This Greek Goddes Hairstyle

Want to refresh your hair with a soft and mutinous hairstyle, worthy of a graceful Greek goddess? Drop your eternal ponytail, and crack for this divine tress crown with youthful and bohemian accents, deliciously romantic … Hop, go for the trendiest tutorial  of the summer.

Goddess’s Hairstyle: the step by step

Step 1: One begins by tying a small bun on the top of the skull. Girlfriend advice: to make the braid crown hold well, you avoid running after the shampoo. Hair too clean, ok it smells good but what is slippery …

Step 2: on one side, the hair is separated at the level of the ear. Then we start an African braid that starts from the ear and goes up towards the top of the head.

Crown braid: tuto hairstyle step 1

Step 3: That’s it, we can not stop now … We braid, we braid, always adding new strands; the African braid continues its small path around the face, then over the other ear, then at the back of the skull … A braided crown is being born under our fingers. It’s moving.

Step 4: The african braid is brought back to tranquility at its starting point, above the ear. When there are no longer any wicks to be added, the tip is plaited, and fixed under the crown by means of bunches.

Crown braid: tuto hairstyle step 3

Step 5: It’s time to untie the little bun that sits on top of the skull. And we make it a simple braid – that is restful – that is then fixed next to the crown, always with our faithful chignon pliers. One feels that you become expert in crown braid.

Tranquil crown of hair

And there … the mirror reflects the reflection of a dazzling goddess. Or romantic princess. In short, here is a hairstyle of all beauty, which offers our face a little youthful as sweet as mutinous.

Your long hair sublimated

Okay, and what about make-up? Let’s put on a freshly glowy complexion, thanks to the secrets of  strobing . And as one dreams of lips as sublime as our crown plaited, one opts for a shady lips  to chew. Clap clap clap, one is Beautiful to fall.

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