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Womens’s Gifts Ideas 40 Years: Our Selection Of Unusal Gifts

Looking for the perfect gift for a 40 year old woman? An idea to be sure to fill it, original and affordable? Come and find inspiration in our list of unusual and cheap gifts. The perfect gift to offer to a 40 year old woman is waiting for you.

Women’s gift idea 40 years old: our original list

A nail art kit

Here is a little attention that will please all 40 year old women: we crack completely for the brand Kiesque, which transforms the art of manicure to make oneself, with nail art accessories at a small price. Innovative and modern, the Kiesque brand, based in Chicago, created and filed a patent for Liquid Palisade, an anti-varnish protection that applies with a brush and retreats very easily: it is THE secret to succeed in an elegant French manicure.

Its price: 11,95 €

Where to buy? At Sephora, in store or on the Sephora website

A sequined oil

To sublimate our skin and sparkle with a thousand lights, we can no longer dispense with the multi-purpose sparkling oil of the brand Avril. Rich in sweet almond oil certified organic, it nourishes and illuminates the skin, enhancing the natural glow and enhancing the tan. Good news, the hair can also enjoy. Your 40 year old friend will love her new ally beauty.

Its price: 15 €

Where to buy? On the site of April

An essential oil of Rose of Damascus

Here is a nice gift idea for a 40 year old woman: offer him this mysterious bottle with surprising powers. Invite her to pour one or two drops of Damascus Rose Oil on a handkerchief and then to breathe in these haunting scents … The journey of happiness and serenity can begin. This essential oil, however, may be a little irritating if applied to the skin; it is advisable to dilute it in a vegetable oil before a skin application.

Its price: 44,90 €

Where to buy? On the site of Aroma Rosae

A face care kit for day and night

It’s the perfect duo to pamper the face day after day … and night after night. On the program, a day cream with a deliciously melting texture and anti-aging virtues, and a revitalizing night cream for a glowing skin on waking. This box “Secrets des Neiges Eternelles” from the brand Polaar is an original gift that will delight any woman 40 years.

Its price: 41 €

Where to buy? On the site of Polaar

A pillowcase in silk

The secret to wake up in beauty? The prestigious Sleep’n Beauty silk pillowcase with exceptional qualities, which takes care of the skin as well as the hair. Silky, refreshing and hypoallergenic, it limits sweating and ensures a fast fall asleep, with an unusual tactile pleasure. Presented in an elegant box, this silk pillow will surely delight the woman who will receive it as a gift.

Its price: 89 €

Where to buy? On the Climsom website

A special glamor care

This transparent foundation is the magic trick to unify the complexion, blend small imperfections and smooth the skin in one second. Perfectly named “Glamor Shot”, this Sampar care can be carried alone for a natural result, or as a base before the application of a foundation powder and a blow of blush. A swiftly slip into the vanity beauty of the 40-year-old woman you want to spoil.

Its price: 40 €

Where to buy? On the site of Sampar

Looking for other gift ideas for women?

Our gift ideas for 40 year old woman have made happy? Well done 🙂 The time has come to spoil other women around you? To find a gift idea for a woman according to her age, go to our dedicated articles: we have concocted you selections of gift ideas by age, and at a small price. To you the most original finds, to please every blow …

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