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Women’s Gift The Ideal Beauty Box To Offer

Before, women’s gift boxes contained miniatures of products not necessarily adapted to your tastes or your physical characteristics.

Now there is the best gift box for women: the Beautiful Box. With its products in “full size”, it spoils you every month to realize trendy beauty-looks.

Looking for the perfect gift box for women? A beauty box  that will delight your companion, your sister, your stepmother and your best friend? We have the solution. Thanks to the Beautiful Box you are certain to delight all the women who surround you. Discover what makes this beauty  box the ideal gift box for women.

Women’s gift box: choose the Beautiful Box

Step 1: Go to the “I offer” page of the Beautiful Box site to offer a gift box to a woman . Choose the length of subscription you want: 3, 6 or 12 months (remembering that the longer the subscription, the more you save).

Step 2: If it’s a gift, leave sweet words in the “Message” part. The person of your choice will know that you have spoiled it by mail, thanks to a gift code. You do not even need to fill in your mailing address. Everything is very SIMPLE

Step 3: In order for her to receive her first gift box for women, the person will have to activate the code of her Beautiful Box. The subscription will start from the month of activation. For your part, you will be aware of everything, including the date of sending its first cosmetic box .

Do you prefer to offer a one-time gift box for women? The Beautiful Box also offers to the unit: you can indeed buy collector boxes on the eshop . Admit it, it’s THE  perfect beauty box !

You (or your loved ones) will love the Beautiful Box, perfect gift box for women

Are you looking for a gift card idea  that delights every move? The Beautiful Box is the right gift. As a birthday gift idea for women , for Christmas or Valentine’s Day, it will appeal to all the women around you. What make them forget all the other gift boxes for women that they had before!

Each month, the Beautiful Box will slip into their mailbox to offer them full-size beauty products, reusable on a daily basis and of course different every month. To accompany you, the make-up box includes a make-up tutorial  in relation to gift products. Your loved ones will quickly become real addicts to beauty trends with its steps-by-steps for a strobing makeup  or a  perfect crown braid .

The ideal gift box for women

Its mini price of 15.90 euros per month will also enchant your wallet! Monthly subscription, for 6 months or for a year, it is up to you to choose how long you want to please your loved ones (or you!).

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