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Women’s Birthday Gift Idea: Think Of The Beautiful Box!

This is the birthday of your wife, your sister or your best friend and you have no idea what would please her? We have the solution: a Beautiful Box gift card! So that every month, she discovers a box full of beauty surprises in her mailbox.

A birthday gift idea for all women

There is no age to subscribe a woman to the Beautiful Box! Whatever the anniversary it is, she will be delighted to discover new products just for her. For that, nothing more simple, go to the page “I offer” of the site Beautiful Box. You only have to choose the duration of subscription: 3, 6 or 12 months? Obviously, the longer you subscribe, the more you save, and the more you give pleasure to the woman of your choice for her birthday!

Once the duration of your  beauty box has been  chosen, leave it a sweet word to celebrate it in the “Message” box. On her birthday, she will receive an email stating that she has received a gift code. And that’s all ! And yes, it’s up to her to fill in the “address” field in order to receive her woman gift box . Difficult to make it simpler as a birthday gift idea for woman, right ?!

Do you prefer to receive the gift code yourself and offer it on your own hand on the day of your birthday? No problem. You can choose to receive the gift code on your email address. All you need to do is create a Beautiful Box account and the woman you are going to spoil with this birthday gift idea will simply receive a code to activate the gift card when she wishes. It is up to her to choose the month during which she wishes to receive her first beauty box . On your side, you will be warned of everything by mail so that you have all the information on the Beautiful Box! Finally, print the gift voucher to offer him the day of his birthday.

Do you need a birthday gift idea for women in the form of boxes punctuelle? Rest assured, that exists. You can buy a collector box on the Beautiful Box eshop. She will receive her directly at home and you will be the most perfect of husbands / friends / son-in-law! To do this, go to the “Our beauty box  ” section and discover the ones you can still buy by unit. And for you, no surprise, the list of products of the box is noted next!

Before your purchase, point the price of the Beautiful Box according to the chosen formula:

Women’s birthday gift idea at 17,90 euros for a collector box

Women’s birthday gift idea at 45 euros for a 3-month gift card

Women’s birthday gift idea at 86 euros for a 6 month gift card

Women’s birthday gift idea at 166 euros for a 12 month gift card

For which woman in your life do you need a gift idea for a birthday?

We know that all women love to receive the Beautiful Box as a birthday present. We will prove it to you, whatever its character, its tastes, its whimsical make-up and its love for trends. She will love her subscription to the Beautiful Box!

For those who love surprises . So she’s not going to be disappointed! No woman knows what awaits her when she receives her monthly Beautiful Box in her mailbox. The only thing she knows beforehand is that the box she gets is always different, that she will never receive the same beauty gifts twice and that all the products in the makeup box  are in “full size” , “normal” size and not samples.

For those who need advice . That’s a good news ! Because each Beautiful Box comes with a tutorial to implement the use of products. Make a smoky eye, apply an illuminator, or get a perfect complexion … The tips depend on the gifts of the cosmetic box  and allow the makeup professionals to professionalize and novices to perfect themselves. You’ve been told, the Beautiful Box is the ideal birthday gift idea for woman!

For those who want to discover new brands . She finds that the offer in store is reduced, search for makeup cheap  and does not know which brands to turn to? The Beautiful Box is there to give it a glimpse of what some confidential brands offer … and incredible! Lipstick, nail polish or eyeshadows are also offered by “small” brands and will become a staple of your vanity!

For those who want something other than cosmetics . We know that the woman you want to spoil likes surprises among the surprises and it falls well. There is always something she does not expect in her box! A ring, a brush to apply make-up, a chocolate bar, ephemeral tattoos, nail stickers, a pair of earrings … every beauty box reception is  going to be a great day (where she will love you more strong!).

For the one who always needs more storage . The more she receives make-up boxes , the more places she has to store all these accessories, which, you must admit, hang around. Each box is unique, decorated in the spirit of the month, in cardboard (therefore rigid). In the bathroom, on the bedside table or on a chest of drawers, each box can be used as decoration and storage. A perfect compromise!

For those who want useful gifts . And yes, finished the time when your companion or friend received care products not adapted to his skin. Here, all gifts are for all types of women, regardless of age, skin tone or hair color. It is therefore impossible for her to be disappointed! And that’s still the best news when you’re looking for a birthday gift idea.

Among all the good news for her, is hiding good news for you …

You’ll love it! Let’s talk little, let’s talk well: each box contains at least 7 products in their “full size”. If you are good at math, you will quickly realize that by summing all the prices, you quickly reach a few little sums. And yet, for you, every month and at the most, it will be 15 euros AT THE MAXIMUM. A good plan to have  cheap makeup , and benefit from makeup tutorials  and hair tutorials  at the top of the top. You warned your banker? He too will love you (and subscribe his wife to the Beautiful Box thanks to you).

So you are now certain that the woman you want to spoil for her birthday will be thrilled with your gift? Do not hesitate any more and subscribe quickly to our gift box woman . Every month you cover her with gifts and she will thank you every month for taking care of her so well. It’s win-win!

Find a birthday gift idea for all women

Are you looking for a birthday gift idea for your wife, your best friend, your mother or your sister? Not always easy to find the gift that will please him. But rest assured, if the Beautiful Box is the main gift to please all women in your life, there are other possibilities. Because you need to know something other than flowers or jewelry, discover all the gifts that can please the woman you want to spoil. Whether you are looking for a 20-year-old woman gift idea , a 30-year-old woman gift idea , a 40-year-old woman gift idea, a 50-year-old woman gift idea or a 60-year-old woman gift idea, female.

Looking for a birthday gift idea for your partner

Be reassured, we will guide you! Finished unnecessary gifts she forgets as soon as she opened them. Show her how much she counts for you by choosing a suitable birthday gift for woman. The love of your life will be delighted with our gift suggestions for the home, to help cook, for his weekend leisure, for sports or to decorate your home.

A caseable smartphone case , which offers a design created by an artist. Solid, practical, this phone shell has a flap, to protect the phone of your sweetheart, all in style. A perfect birthday gift for your wife. So that she can listen to her favorite songs all over the place, offer your companion a JBL nomad enclosure  : mini size and maxi sound! To change classical books to offer your wife for her birthday, take her a notebook of gratitude, in which to write down all the moments of life for which she is grateful. As beautiful as inspiring, it will please him for sure!

Looking for a  birthday gift idea for your best friend?

She is one of the women you know best but you feel like you’ve already offered her everything? We still have lots of ideas in stock to offer a great birthday gift to your best friend. Addicted to gadgets? Lovers of objects too cute? BFF (Best Friend Forever) connected? We have ideas, whatever his desires. So, for your best friend’s birthday, think of a kit ready to grow oyster mushrooms to grow your own mushrooms inside. Another option for the birthday of your best friend: a unicorn hot water bottle that can warm it during the winter evenings. She traveled a lot? Go buy her a scratching world map that she can display at home and have fun scraping every country she visited.

How to choose a birthday gift for your mother?

Do you think your mom already has a lot of gifts and you do not have birthday gift ideas anymore? Have peace of mind, we have something to pamper your mom on this occasion. Whether she likes to go out or spend time cocooning, whether modern or more traditional, everything exists to make the best birthday gift to your mom.

Give her a moment of relaxation thanks to a head massager: during moments of rest, she can carry this accessory to pass a pure moment of rest. She likes to take pictures of your family? For your mother’s birthday, a camera can be ideal. The instant version Lomo , guarantees sublime shots, even for the amateurs. Finally, for her weekend mornings, she will be delighted to have a retro thermometer that displays the temperature. Finished the cafes too hot or too cold for your mom.

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