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Why Wear Shapewear: Clothing For A Curvier Figure

If you’re a curvy woman, chances are you’ve considered shapewear at some point in time. Ideal for fuller figures, shapewear can mold those curves and give you the right look no matter what you’re wearing.

Plus Size Shapewear

Plus-sized shapewear is simple and it will change your look and how you feel about your look. If you want more of an hourglass figure or more oomph to your shape, then shapewear is what you’re looking for.

Also, if you are looking to achieve a fuller figure, then body shapers and Shapewear are the most ideal when it comes to achieving a shape you can be proud of. These products have been designed to ensure that you get a more curvaceous figure, like that which Mother Nature intends.

Create an Hourglass Figure

Shaping underwear for a fuller figure or plus size shapewear is, in simpler terms, underwear that’s specifically designed to alter the body shape of the person wearing it. The main objective of these clothes is to create a more curvaceous hourglass-like figure that’s not only pleasing to the eye but which is also comfortable to wear.

Shapewear takes your natural curves and molds them into what is a fashion statement. Shapewear is all about smoothing out the natural bumps and lumps that occur on the bodies of females and has been worn for many years both as an everyday figure enhancer and as a fashion statement, and not necessarily just for women. Shapewear is available in different styles based on the amount of shaping that’s offered and ranges from firm control to medium, to lightweight – perfect for all social functions and wherever you need to go!

Different Types of Shapewear

Leotards or bodysuits tend to be lightweight and offer some form of body shaping support that’s much like that briefs and panties or a camisole offer. They offer support as a camisole or brief or even a panty. However, when it comes to shapewear, the most popular type is the girdle which is usually made of spandex and which gives a greater level of support and shaping.  You’ll find that girdles offer you a variety of levels of support and shaping. Girdles can be closed around the crotch area or can be open bottom just like the classic Playtex girdle. If you are looking for great examples, then consider checking out Rago. Closed crotch body shapers are particularly popular since they tend to feature long leg briefs and, in some instances, a high waist. There are a variety of styles to suit your personal needs and comfort levels.

Such features enable the wearer to get more support and shape around the hips, waist, buttocks and thighs. You’ll find that by choosing your level of comfort and shaping you’re choosing from a variety of styles.

Shapewear More Popular Amongst Older Women

According to research conducted recently, over 40% of women wear a shapewear at least once every week. However, this number is particularly high amongst older women in the UK. The good news is that brands like Rago, Spanx and Maidenform have added a whole new stock of stylish shapewear garments that are far more fashionable and which, in some instances, can be regarded as sexy.

The more important the occasion, the more likely a woman will be wearing some form of shapewear. Shapewear has added a new dimension to dressing for women and various brands have all climbed on board to provide options for curvier women too.

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