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What Your Engagement Ring Says About You

One of the most important investments a couple will make before getting married is an engagement ring. This is a precursor to the wedding ring, which officially seals the deal. This ring symbolizes a pair’s commitment to each other. It announces to the world your man’s promise of a future together and your proud acceptance to be his wife.

Because it comes loaded with such significance, engagement rings do not come cheap. That’s why a lot of thought goes into choosing one. Since you will be wearing your engagement ring every single day of that “forever,” it’s worth taking the time to think, “What will your engagement ring say about you?”

Here’s what your ring reveals:

  1. Tradition and timelessness. Your ring can announce how important traditions are to you. If you choose a solitaire ring with a diamond set in prongs, it proclaims that you are a lady who values things that withstand the test of time.
  1. If your ring features unusual or whimsical details, you are a woman who has a playful and creative nature. And you are not afraid to express it!
  1. A gal with an adventurous streak will need a ring that will not snag her active lifestyle! If you choose a ring that is minimalist in design, and any gemstones are securely held in place, this is you!
  1. Best of both worlds. Does your ring have two types of metals? Or does it have two or more types of gems? It shows that you don’t believe in limiting yourself to one thing. The world is full of wonderful possibilities, and you are the type who knows how to balance these out.
  1. Importance of essence. Is your ring a simple band? It means that you are not one to waste time on ostentatious appearances. Rather, you value what is essential. You believe that the best things in life are those that you feel, not just what you see.
  1. If there are any hearts in your band, you can be certain that’s where your heart is. Romance is important to you, and your upcoming wedding is your lifelong dream come true.
  1. Your wedding, as they say, is the most important day of your life. Did you choose your ring not just because you like how it looks and feels, but especially because it comes at a reasonable cost? Then your ring proclaims that will be, in every respect, a life partner to your groom. And he is very lucky to have you!
  1. Do colored engagement rings draw your attention? Or maybe you don’t want a ring, you want something else to represent your upcoming union. This just shows your nonconformist streak. You will not follow the crowd; you will live your forever the way you want to.

Choosing an engagement ring can be a wonderful activity that can bring you and your partner closer. So don’t just buy a ring. Make memories you will remember together!

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