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Tuto Makeup Dark Lips: How Well To Wear Dark Lipistick

What if you tried the Dark Lips look? Elegant, rock and glamor, this inescapable make-up tendency flatter our beauty with audacity and originality. Place to our step by step imprinted with nocturnal darkness, for lips irresistible intensity … and ready to dispense a tornado of sweet kisses. Nice program for our make-up case .

Step by step to make up a pretty dark mouth

STEP 1: Start by moisturizing your lips; a smooth and homogeneous mouth is the key to a perfect lip makeup. In order to fight effectively against dryness and cracking, pamper them with a good reinforcement of good quality lip balm.

Lip care tip: and if you offered them a homemade scrub? Nothing simpler, just mix one tablespoon of sugar and honey, to apply in small circular massages. This is the secret to lips exfoliated, hydrated and deliciously soft.

STEP 2: nothing is worth a perfect complexion , nude and fresh, to flatter the dark lips. Apply a corrective base to blur the small imperfections, then a light foundation. A veil of powder, a little blow of blush effect good looks, and the trick is played. The dark lips tutorial can begin.

STEP 3: Make up for the mouth. It’s time to apply your carefully chosen lipstick … If you have dark or dark skin, warm hues (brown, burgundy, dark fuchsia …) will go perfectly; if your skin is clear, opt instead for cold shades (plum, raspberry, wine lees …). If necessary, add a slight tip of gloss to the center of the lips to boost their volume a little.

SOS lips fine: ops, to put a dark color on thin lips risks to refine even more, by optical effect … No panic, just regalber them a bit: cheat with a lip liner the same color as the lipstick, pointing out the external contours of the mouth.

Perfect tip: no more or less in this tuto Dark Lips! For an ultra clean result, use a corrector to offer your lips a clear outline … and clear any small slips.

STEP 4: To enhance your lips and avoid make-up overload, bet on light at eye level. Simply highlight your look with a line of black pencil at the level of the upper lashes.

Congratulations, you are at the top of the trend make-up of the moment 🙂

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