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Stuff you need to buy for your backyard this summer

In a state of dismay about the state of your featureless backyard? Don’t despair – with a few key purchases, you can transform your boring patch of green into a place to see and be seen this summer.

Check them out below…

1) A quality BBQ

The centrepiece of any outside gathering, having a BBQ allows you to grill up mass quantities of crowd favourites like sausages, burgers, steaks, corn, and more. If you have a small wood charcoal grill, though, your guests will be waiting forever for their food – not cool.

These days, sizable propane grills can be had for only a few hundred dollars. Capable of churning out tonnes of food at once, everyone will be packed full of their BBQ favourite of choice in no time.

Some even have gas-fired elements on the side where you can cook up some mushrooms and onions in a small pan without having to take your chances with tin foil cooking.

Hosting isn’t all fun and games, though – after everyone has cleared out of your backyard, you’ll need to clear up all the trash left behind (thank goodness for paper plates, otherwise the dishes would be a NIGHTMARE).

Once you finish, you’ll definitely want to treat yourself for putting in all the work that made your family gathering such a smashing success. If you like playing games, jump online and put your e-tokens where your mouth is at one of many bitcoin accepting online casinos.

Offering games like slots, video poker, blackjack, and more, you’ll have all the entertainment at hand needed to give you a relaxing end to your day.

2) Bug-resistant gazebo

You would definitely eat more meals in your beautiful backyard if it weren’t for all those darn mosquitoes and black flies!

Make this dream come by installing a bug-resistant gazebo. A small enclosure which comes with screens on the windows, those pesky bloodsuckers won’t be able to interfere with your plans again.

Just be sure to clear the inside of the pests before you start hosting meals in there, and you’ll have a space that will offer the freshness of the outdoors without the nuisances that come with it.

3) Rock speakers

As gorgeous as your backyard space is, there is one thing that would make it even better: music. Some bring portable stereos or Bluetooth-enabled devices, but neither can stand up well to a rainfall.

Fortunately, there are not only products which function even after it pours, but they also blend in seamlessly with your garden.

Rock speakers fit both of these criteria – once guests discover them, the surprise and delight they will feel will make this purchase worth the investment you’ll make.

4) Fire pit

Want to make your backyard the place to be well into the evening? All you have to add is a fire pit, and your house will be the place to be on weekend nights. Not into digging holes? No problem – there are plenty of above-ground copper bowls which will serve as the ideal receptacles for firewood.

Just be sure to douse them thoroughly after the evening has concluded to minimize the chance of a forest fire starting, and you’ll have an amazing lifestyle enhancer for you and your friends/family.

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