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Spray To Mask Erborian: Between Itching And Redness

But what is this funny face mask ? The Spray To Mask Erborian really has something to challenge us, as it is comparable to any other on the French market. It has just been launched in France, so I had to try it!

In French in the text, one could think of a mask in spray. Except that it is much more poetic and clear than that: the brand also christened it “Mask Face Revitalizing Effect Radiance”. Right now, it is (much) more speaking.

This famous Spray To Mask Erborian may not inspire you at first. And yet, those who are used to Asian cosmetics will quickly understand the principle. It is a mask whose principle is more or less the same as that of hydrogel masks: this helps to smooth the skin, to awaken the dull complexion. In short, this mask would be good to awaken the epidermis in change of season, or when one is well punctured.

The composition of the Spray To Mask Erborian

Aqua / Water Glycerin Methyl Gluceth-20 Propanediol Betaine 1,2-Hexanediol NiaCInamide Butylene Glycol Euglena GraCIlis Polysaccharide Panax Ginseng Root Extract Glycyrrhiza Glabra (Licorice) Root Extract Dioscorea Villosa Extract – Sodium Chloride – Phenoxyethanol Extract – Kigelia Africana Fruit Extract – Equisetum Giganteum Extract.

There is a preservative such as phenoxyethanol, which can be a brake for some consumers. For the rest, we will find various components antioxidant, moisturizing, and anti-aging.

How to use Erborian Spray To Mask?

Raise your fringe and close your eyes !!!! (It feels the lived, ah ah ah!). Because this mask vaporizes on the skin. Spray until a film is obtained on the surface of the skin. Allow to stand for a good ten minutes, then rinse with water or thermal water .

My opinion on the Spray To Mask Erborian

It’s funny but … I’m as big a fan as skeptical of Erborian. There are products that I am totally in love with (the BB Cream, for example, that I buy constantly since its launch 6/7 years ago in France). And there are other references that leave me marble, especially those related to care. As much as I liked the Bamboo Waterlock Erborian mask , as many other products of care left me of marble. So, I never know what to expect when the brand launches a product.

Regarding the application, we are not going to lie: it is frankly galley. Spraying the product does not necessarily help optimal distribution, especially since a face is very angular … In addition, the spray does not “diffuse” the product; it projects scattered “pates” of product. Difficult to find the right mix, and I do not even talk about the difficulty to distribute it evenly. At no point does the brand specify whether we can afford to spread it on the finger or not …

So, as the pies of product that escape are thick: it puts a lead to dry, it flows slightly. You have to lie down. Let’s say it’s not very functional as a business. During my third test, I ended up spreading the product. There, it was clearly more convenient and I REALLY observed a layer dry on the surface of my skin.

Last but not least: my skin did not support this product strangely. After a few minutes, I experienced some really unpleasant itching. Even reiterating the application several weeks in a row, the report has not moved one iota. It was even worse in the final test: I found myself with beautiful red plaques rather painful … So to say that I dropped the case.

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