Spirulina In Face Care - 3 Recipes For a Sharper SkinBeauty 

Spirulina In Face Care – 3 Recipes For a Sharper Skin

Ha Spirulina, this small alga known for these multiple properties and especially to be part of the very closed club Super Food.

Consuming Spirulina is great for the body, hair, skin, etc. But taste is not excellent, in short, we must love.

I had the urge to test recipes based on Spirulina. Its high Zinc content makes Spirulina a perfect ingredient to fight against acne, blemishes and skin problems.

In short, Spirulina is a super ally 100% natural beauty

Face masks with Spirulina for a sharper skin and to fight acne

Zinc, selenium and Vitamin E present in Spirulina provide powerful sanitizing and antioxidant effects. Vitamin B5 causes resistance to mucous membranes and skin, and finally, gamma-lineolic acids (omega-6) ensure its elasticity, suppleness and softness.

Every morning, I take 2 small Spirulina tablets with a glass of water. The taste of seaweed, I have trouble, but there are recipes based on Spirulina powder. This can be added to the Smoothie, see making Chia Pudding with Spirulina.

However, one must appreciate the iodized taste of the seaweed.

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