Shaving The Face Is It Really a GoodBeauty 

Shaving The Face Is It Really a Good Idea?

I do not count the number of videos I’ve seen on Facebook or Instagram on the subject . Moreover, the reactions are often the same.

On one side we have the “Omg, it’s going to have black hair everywhere and the “No, but it’s nothing very naughty”.

So, who is right ? Here is all the question.

Why shave your face?

Yes, for many the idea is more than strange. It all started with a tutorial by Huda Kattan Alias ​​Huda Beauty who has been shaving her face for a while now.

Of course, being a great global influencer, her video has become ultra viral with more than 3 million views (nothing but that).

Released in 2016, his video made its way and many Make-up Addict started to practice.

This would bring a baby’s skin, indeed by shaving our natural down (yes, we all have hairs everywhere) this gives a nectarine skin effect, more fishing from the blow, you understand, peach = hairs, nectarine = without hair (ok, it’s nil).

Some babes add that the care would penetrate more easily, that they would have less imperfection and that the foundation will be even prettier on a closely shaved skin.

OK, but do you become a bearded woman if you shave your face?

shave her face

No, it’s a myth. A real popular myth. A down will NEVER become black and thick.

“Philippe Abimelec, dermatologist and member of the French society of dermatology, breaks the  myth . “Contrary to what people think, shaving does  not thicken hair and does not stimulate  regrowth . This is a false popular belief. “According to this laser hair removal expert, the only difference would be sensation to the  touch . “The hair has a tapered end. When it is cut at an angle, its base becomes more  pungent . But this does not affect the  quality  or the  color of the hair, since its composition and its diameter depend on the  hair follicle located under the skin. “ [Source: The Express]

So do not panic, there is no risk of turning into a hairy monster if you shave your little face.

However, it is possible, in some cases, that the latter become black, like beard …

Indeed, it is possible, in some women, the hair is more present, thicker.

This is not due to the abundance of shaving or whatever.

Hair problems in women may simply come from hormonal dysregulation. In these cases, it is better to talk to her gynecologist to make analyzes and find a solution to this problem.

shaving woman

Hair has all its uses

We are hairy, man and woman, all in the same hairy boat . Our generation grew up with hair stalking.

When one is a woman, our whole body must be hairless. The intimate integral, the legs, the armpits …

However, let us not forget that the hair is not there by chance and that its ultimate goal is not to rot our lives.

It serves as protection for our skin, the latter is a bulwark against attacks, friction, heat, UV etc …

The hair also serves to keep our skin hydrated; in short, it is a protective barrier.

So shaving the face, is this a good or a bad idea?

In itself the shaving of the face is not bad in the short term , we will not see grow a beard overnight.

However, this can weaken the skin and make it sensitive to external aggressions.

Yes, the skin is ultra soft, the velvety is phew and the rendering after make up is beautiful.

But, the foundation is not the best friend of our skin, it tends to clog our pores.

The hairs serve as protection for our skin.

Removing them will simply open the door to the chemicals (and sometimes harmful) of our cosmetics.

Never shave your face with a conventional razor

must shave his face

I had to put this point in this article. If you want to jump, you have to know.

The razor for your legs is DEAD. That of your man is dead too.

There are face razors, designed for this.

Personally I use them to epilate my eyebrows or down, they are soft, do not degum the skin and do not require “shaving foam”.

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