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Delicious Treats to Celebrate Sibling Affection on Bhai Dooj

The celebration of Bhai dooj marks the delight of brother-sister affection that ties the two siblings together with warmth and joy. The ceremony involves the sister applying the sacred tilak on her brother’s forehead, and performing the rite of aarti. This simple yet significant eve is fraught with auspiciousness and joy – splendidly symbolizing the bond of love and fraternity that ties the brother and sister together. The ceremony of bhai dooj Scrumptious and delectable dishes are given to the brothers by their sisters on this day. From sweets to…

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7 Easy Tips For Led Shop Lighting! Shopping 

7 Easy Tips For Led Shop Lighting!

The easiest way to save with LED lighting is the retrofit light source. By far not in all respects, this is the most ideal light source, but it is a light source that lets you easily and quickly adjust your shop lighting to LED lighting. Old lamp out, new lamp in it. However, it is observing these light sources! Many retrofit light sources have a lower light output than your current lamps. In fact, it becomes darker in your store, and that’s exactly what we do not want. After all; The more light …. Compare the amount…

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Rummy is no longer Lifestyle 

6 Essential Tips to Earn Real Money In Rummy

Rummy is no longer an ordinary card game. Tons of different portals, having created an online hub for rummy players worldwide. And while online rummy can be fun, there are quite a few ways to earn some serious cash when playing on more competitive tables. However, don’t be too anxious to throw real money at the game, unless you are well versed with the rules and have spent hours honing your skills on free tables. But when you are finally ready to play online rummy  for cash, here are a…

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Women's Gieft Idea 30 Years Old: Of Original Gifts Gifts 

Women’s Gieft Idea 30 Years Old: Our Selection Of Original Gifts

Looking for the perfect gift for a 30 year old woman? Want to please her for sure, with an original gift idea … and not too expensive? Good news, we have concocted a list of inspirations to guide you in your choice. Look no further: the perfect gift is waiting for you here. Women’s gift idea 30 years old: our original list A fun and trendy beauty kit 30 years old, it’s the perfect age to mix styles, combine all the follies, go from the classic to the trendy in a snap of…

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Womens's Gifts Ideas 40 Gifts 

Womens’s Gifts Ideas 40 Years: Our Selection Of Unusal Gifts

Looking for the perfect gift for a 40 year old woman? An idea to be sure to fill it, original and affordable? Come and find inspiration in our list of unusual and cheap gifts. The perfect gift to offer to a 40 year old woman is waiting for you. Women’s gift idea 40 years old: our original list A nail art kit Here is a little attention that will please all 40 year old women: we crack completely for the brand Kiesque, which transforms the art of manicure to make oneself, with nail…

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The Beautiful Box! Gifts 

Women’s Birthday Gift Idea: Think Of The Beautiful Box!

This is the birthday of your wife, your sister or your best friend and you have no idea what would please her? We have the solution: a Beautiful Box gift card! So that every month, she discovers a box full of beauty surprises in her mailbox. A birthday gift idea for all women There is no age to subscribe a woman to the Beautiful Box! Whatever the anniversary it is, she will be delighted to discover new products just for her. For that, nothing more simple, go to the page “I offer” of the…

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Mix Natural Products – When Customized Cosmetics Become Accessible.

When we hear cosmetic made to measure, we imagine a cream to 80 €. And yes, tailor-made, it has a cost. There is also a French brand that proposes this (but I will tell you a little later). For me the brand is a bit of a solution for babes, who, like me, do not dare go into cosmetics house. Place to Video explanatory =) The site Mix nature The site is beautiful, easy to use, clear, in short I love. I spent several hours to read, to dissect and especially to customize my…

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Shaving The Face Is It Really a Good Beauty 

Shaving The Face Is It Really a Good Idea?

I do not count the number of videos I’ve seen on Facebook or Instagram on the subject . Moreover, the reactions are often the same. On one side we have the “Omg, it’s going to have black hair everywhere“ and the “No, but it’s nothing very naughty”. So, who is right ? Here is all the question. Why shave your face? Yes, for many the idea is more than strange. It all started with a tutorial by Huda Kattan Alias ​​Huda Beauty who has been shaving her face for a while now. Of course, being a great…

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Spirulina In Face Care - 3 Recipes For a Sharper Skin Beauty 

Spirulina In Face Care – 3 Recipes For a Sharper Skin

Ha Spirulina, this small alga known for these multiple properties and especially to be part of the very closed club Super Food. Consuming Spirulina is great for the body, hair, skin, etc. But taste is not excellent, in short, we must love. I had the urge to test recipes based on Spirulina. Its high Zinc content makes Spirulina a perfect ingredient to fight against acne, blemishes and skin problems. In short, Spirulina is a super ally 100% natural beauty Face masks with Spirulina for a sharper skin and to fight acne Zinc, selenium and Vitamin…

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Anti-Button Patch Beauty 

Back to School Favorites – Vegan Foundation & Anti-Button Patch

It has been a long time since I wrote an article. I had some problems with the blog, I think you noticed it was last week. I had problems of hosting and as always La Débrouillarde it is transformed into La Poissarde. Fortunately everything is (finally) returned in order and I am at the top of my form. In short, let us return to our sheep. During this period Out, I released my video Favorites of the Return with my discoveries and my favorites of the moment. En route for a small beauty article as…

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