Reviews On Our Box Beauty:Beauty 

Reviews On Our Box Beauty: Why Bloggers Love It

Beautistas with the cleat, lovers of novelties and addicts to beauty boxes , this article is for you: web chatters tell us all about the Beautiful Box. Do you know that there are 7 great trends among Beautiful Ladies? Small inventory of beauty bloggers …

Beauty blogers seduced by the Beautiful Box

The insane of packaging

In Beautiful Box, there’s Beautiful and … Box. In short, every month we put the PACKAGE so that the PACKAGE is a CARDBOARD (giggle, gig). And Beautiful Ladies love it, as testified by the opinions  of beauty bloggers …  Nadame  appreciates the  packaging very beautiful, sleek and classy , like  Todaycamille  which emphasizes its  sober but girly side . As for  Larepubliquedelabaute , she found her new treasure hideaway:  the icy black box will make a very nice storage box afterwards!

Curious little tricks more

No doubt for the Beautiful Ladies: this new beauty box has a true originality. Especially for  Beautycookie  :  aufeminin innovates in terms of box. […] I like the idea of following a complete tutorial to learn a technique or draw ideas of looks throughout the year . Lesenviesdegeorgette  also highlights  the concept of the box that changes other selections of products “randomly”: a make-up from A to Z is frankly not bad . Beautebrune , she  has not seen other box that offers this concept: every month, a kit make up to realize the “Get The Look” that was presented on the Beautiful channel. The products offered will be dedicated to the look but can also be used for daily use.

Makeup addicts

Do you crumble under miniature size lotions and samples of any kind? Rest assured: in the Beautiful Box, our make-up products are in full size. No but. And for  Mypetiteparisienne , it’s really important:  I love the combo product + tuto to achieve the look but mostly it is a box with a lot of makeup !! And boxes offering 95% of makeup products … it’s not that easy to find . Lepoudrierdefleur  agrees:  the box is essentially made up of make-up products (let’s face it, we are starting to get fed up with miniatures of shampoos) .

Small beauty-ladies

We are not all born with an eyeliner in hand … And we do not always have much time to devote to our beauty. So let yourself be guided with pro tricks, and benefit from a complete kit for a canon look … we do not say no! Nadame  loves to find in each box  a  detailed, simple and effective make-up tutorial ! Everything we need when we are in a hurry and we want to have a look worked out! It’s there, the little trick in addition to the Beautiful Box. Often I get boxes with products that I do not really know what to do or how to use them … When you are a beginner side make-up is a good way to learn to do nice things! Thank you Nadame. And it is notTo speak of  the opposite:  aufeminin is not content to send beauty products! And yes, each box is accompanied by a detailed tutorial on a brochure. The tutorial is ultra easy to reproduce and you can concoct a canon look […] Especially since, if you are lazy to read to reproduce the makeup, the Youtubeuse Emy LTR will reveal you each month a video tutorial in explaining all the tricks to reproduce the look in question and use the products!

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The kiffeuses matheuses

Tic tac, as long as the varnish dries, let’s take stock of the wallet side:  Mypetiteparisienne  does not come back from the  mini price, so many products in full size!  And here is  Carinelife  who  drew the calculator:  the Beautiful Box is profitable since every month, we receive a product value of 49 € for a purchase price of 14 € 90 port included.  QED. Glossamoelle  is simply seduced:  this box is at the top of my comparison “Box Beauty”: it is one of the least expensive market. So yes, I like it.

The pretty little girlfriends

Our youtube Emy is a bit of the new best friend of Beautiful Ladies. It is at the same time the funny of the group, the girl canon of the lycée, the nice big sister that confides to you its little secrets. I did not know Emy #SHAMEONME: P  confesses  Lesenviesdegeorgette . So I went to see her chain, and I like this girl pretty, she is cool and does not seem to take the lead . As for  God-the-woman,  she swears only by  the humor very fresh and crazy Emy .

Fans of surprises

As we like to unpack gifts, to discover surprises, small attentions …  Urban-lipstick  is in the angels:  From makeup, care, and small sympathetic gifts, I say thank you!  But of nothing … Go, let  Poupetteworld  the last word of the end:  I crack for its very generous content and small gifts more (ring, gluttony). I love the fact that this box is ultra connected. I really think this little box has great potential and that it can shake some of the majors that are well established in the market …  Wahou … then there, behind the computer, we blush.

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