Rest easy with the right nightwear

Comfortable, soft and durable…the right nightwear gives you sweet dreams. You can buy the right kind on your favourite fashion shopping app.

A famous poet once said that sleep is the healing salve that a tired soul needs. These are true words indeed! There is nothing in the world that can invigorate you or put the roses back in your cheeks like a night of sleep can. You can go to bed tired and depressed, but wake up hopeful and radiant.

Of course, getting a good night’s sleep has a lot to do with how restful your surroundings are and what you wear to bed. Most of us wear old tees and shorts/track pants to bed. But if you invest in new, stylish night wear that is comfortable and cosy, it can make a big difference to the quality of your sleep.

Here’s how you can buy good night wear:

* Pick a fabric that soothes. Good night wear is all about comfort. So the fabric cannot be thick or clingy, nor should it be sheer. Go with fabrics like cotton, satin and silk. However, be careful about the fabric you pick if you have sensitive skin – silk might cause some irritation. A lacy, sheer teddy suit or nightgown might look sexy, but it is impractical to wear if you have other family members around, or if the city you stay in is cold. Browse your fashion shopping app for appropriate options.

* Pick a larger size. When it comes to nightwear, it’s about not getting the perfect size. Does that sound strange? We are not advocating buying a night shirt several sizes too big – but night wear that is about one size larger is fine. The thing to avoid is buying nightwear that is too small – it will bind and constrict free movement and make it difficult to relax. Nightwear that clings or tightens on movement can disturb your sleep. Your favourite fashion shopping app has many variants of night wear, from night gowns to pyjama sets.

* Avoid lace and large buttons. Lace looks dainty and imparts a feminine touch to nightwear. But it can also get pokey and scratchy if it is present on the nightwear in large quantities. The same applies to buttons – make sure the buttons are small and rounded, without any sharp corners or edges. Browse the fashion shopping app carefully to pick a no-fuss style.

* It should not be too delicate for your washing machine. Night wear is worn every night (obviously!) and so it is washed often. Unless you are in the habit of turning over your clothes to the laundry, you will probably wash your clothes in the washing machine. Take care to ensure that the night wear is not so delicate that it cannot withstand the rigours of a washing machine. Read the care instructions carefully, and use the ‘Delicate’ setting on the washing machine whenever you wash your night wear.