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Orginal Gift Idea For Women: And If You Offerd The Beautiful Box

Are you looking for an original gift idea for a woman and want to be guided? If you were offering a Beautiful Box gift card? She will please him! And good news for you: it’s simple and super fast to make fun with a subscription to our beauty box , the Beautiful Box.

An ideal and original gift for women

Want to spoil your beauty fan woman? Your sister a little difficult? Or your mother who would need  beauty tips ? Go to the ” I offer ” page of our site Choose the subscription period you want to offer: 3, 6 or 12 months. If you are looking for a gift card idea for women , here is the easy-to-use guide to the Beautiful Box gift card.

Gifts by price. We offer 3 formulas to offer our  gift box to a woman :

45 euros for a 3-month gift card

86 euros for a gift card of 6 months

166 euros for a gift card 12 months

Everything happens on the Internet: just subscribe and leave a nice note in the “Message” box. For his part, the person of your choice receives a gift code that will be sent to him by mail. And that’s all ! In other words, no need to indicate the postal address of the spoiled happy; it is she who will take charge later of these small formalities.

Another option: you can choose to receive the gift code on your own email address. Do not have a Beautiful Box account yet? You will then be asked to create one, in order to proceed to the payment of the gift card.

Your friend (or sister, daughter, mother, grandma, neighbor …) will receive an email announcing this fabulous present, with the unique code needed to activate the gift card; it will then be able to start its subscription whenever it wishes. For your part, you will of course be notified by email. We’re like that, we tell you ALL! This is a last minute gift? Remember to  print this nice gift that will please her.

And now, it’s over. Nothing could be simpler, no? Thank you for making one more happy …

How to activate your gift card?

Have you received a gift card for the Beautiful Box? A mail containing a precious and mysterious gift code? What luck ! Go hop, a few clicks are enough to activate it and start your subscription … Go to the page ” Use my gift card ” to enter the gift code received by mail. Let yourself be guided to create your Beautiful Box account, activate the subscription and indicate the mailing address where to receive your future beauty boxes. Thanks to the precious code, your subscription for 3, 6 or 12 months appears as “free”. Is not it absolutely Beautiful ?! Your first beauty box received will be the one of the current month when you activate your gift card. Now all that remains is to look out for the postman! Patience, patience … Leave for a Beautiful adventure, filled with beauty boxes , surprises and  tutorials makeup for sublime looks.

Need another gift idea for women?

If you do not wish to offer a subscription, you can also  buy our collector boxes on our e-shop. Need a gift idea for a birthday or for Mother’s Day? A  cosmetic box is the perfect gift idea for a better friend, a sister, a cousin, a colleague, or even for a bachelor party. The Beautiful Box is so great that you will score a maximum of points and pass for the most perfect person in the world!

Women's Gift Idea

For whom do you need an original gift idea?

Coquette, little curious, fond of make-up boxes , what is the personality of the woman you want to spoil? According to a highly scientific study, 5 categories are very distinct in the cool family of the addicts to the Beautiful Box: you will necessarily find it in one of the criteria! The situation in close collaboration with our beautiful geekettes, bloggers and youtubeuses.

She is a woman who loves surprises

That’s a good news ! Madame will be served. ”  Makeup, care, and nice little gifts, I say thank you! “.  Oh, but that’s not what,  Urban-lipstick , all the fun is for us. She loves to unwrap gifts all mimi soft, marvel at soft touches, see a surprise light his routine? LA Beautiful Box will delight her. What if we left  Poupetteworld  the last word of the end? ”  I crack for its very generous content and small gifts more (ring, gluttony). I love the fact that this box is ultra connected. I really think that this little box has a great potential and that it can shake some of the majors that are well established in the market … ” Ooh La La ! What make us blush!

She ado-ooo-ore make-up

Your companion crumbles under lotions of all kinds and miracle care samples? Your bathroom is full of products that it does not use. Rest assured ! Our  beauty box put everything on the make up! To make crack  Mypetiteparisienne  : ”  I love the combo product + tuto to achieve the look but mostly it is a box with a lot of makeup !! And boxes offering 95% of makeup products … it’s not that easy to find that. ” A strong point that indeed points out  Lepoudrierdefleur  : ”  the box is essentially made up of make-up products (let’s face it, women are starting to get tired of shampoo miniatures).”

She does not have many hours to devote to her beauty

Let her be guided by an expert hand and freshly manicured! She wants to enjoy a complete kit special look canon? It only has to follow the tuto included in the box. Nadame  loved to find ”  a detailed, simple and effective make-up tutorial! Everything we need when we are in a hurry and we want to have a look worked out! “. That’s the magic touch of the Beautiful Box, his little trick.  Let’s give the floor to the sparkling  Nadame  : ”  Often I get boxes with products that I do not really know what to make of them or how to use them … When you are a beginner side make-up it is a good way to learn to to make nice things! “.Great practice when you have a hair (brush …) in the hand, huh? Parlerdamour  agrees, the evidence in idiocy: ”  aufeminin does not just send beauty products! And yes, each box is accompanied by a detailed tutorial on a brochure. The tutorial is ultra easy to reproduce and you can concoct a canon look.

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