Mix Natural Products – When Customized Cosmetics Become Accessible.

When we hear cosmetic made to measure, we imagine a cream to 80 €. And yes, tailor-made, it has a cost. There is also a French brand that proposes this (but I will tell you a little later).

For me the brand is a bit of a solution for babes, who, like me, do not dare go into cosmetics house.

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The site Mix nature

The site is beautiful, easy to use, clear, in short I love. I spent several hours to read, to dissect and especially to customize my cosmetics.

What I like is the diversity of assets. There is something for every taste, every skin and answers almost all the problems. Wrinkles, acne, nutrition, anticorne, dull complexion, etc.

It is possible to create complete routines, body, face & hair with correct prices. On average a product will cost between 10 and 25 €, there is no surprises on the price. Each asset at its price added to the basic price of the chosen cosmetic .

This avoids being “carried away” by the creation and crying at the end by looking at the bill.

custom cream

A rather clean composition

I had a lot of questions about the composition. The name Mix Nature sounds very bio, green, etc. except that no, the mark is not labeled . We only know that she is Cruelty Free (that the ingredients and finished products are never tested on animals).

To analyze the composition of my products, I will not lie to you, I struggled. Like all labels, it is written in rikiki. However, in order not to do things in half, I went on the INCI to analyze the composition of my products.

Here are the ingredient lists by care (and especially in order of appearance)

As you can see, the result is rather good , a few conservatives (it’s normal) but for me nothing shocking.

So, yes, if you like ultras clean, this is not a brand that will please you, the composition suits me.

mix nature reviews

mix nature reviews

Why did I fall for this brand?

It was especially the initiative and the idea of the personalization of cosmetics that charmed me . It is difficult to err on the ingredients, to overdose or to realize a bad association.

The brand has thought of everything. Everything is explained, helps to understand the assets and especially the impact of these on the skin or even the hair.

Of the 5 products I have tested (and I still use) I have no complaints. No reaction, no bad surprises.

However, I find that there are more interesting products than others. The face cream, the eye contour and the hair mask are for me the care that has the most utility to be personalized according to its needs.

The body cream or the shower gel have no interest for me. Put 15 € in a moisturizer or shower gel, very little for me.

You will have understood, no magazine produced for the blow, because in truth, each product is different . So I did not see the point of talking to you about my shampoo or my eye cream.

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