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With a few Readers, We Tried The Brand New Lancôme Sensitive Advanced Serum.

Remember … In August, before spinning on vacation, I suggested to you on Instagram to test with me the new reference of facial care signed Lancôme, the Serum Advanced Génifique Sensitive. The idea? Tell us about our first impressions after 3 to 4 weeks of treatment.

serum advanced genic sensitive lancome review test
The promise of Advanced Genifique Sensitive Lancôme

Summary of previous episodes. A few years ago, Lancôme launched the Génifique range. With Génifique serum, the brand promised to act in a targeted way on ten anti-aging problems: tone, elasticity and texture of the skin, fine lines and wrinkles, radiance and clarity of complexion other). Strengthened by their success, the research and development teams of the brand have gone even further. And Advanced Génifique Sensitive Lancôme was born.

A cure to fight bad-skin days 
Lancôme has been interested in the chrono-sensitivity of the skin, in other words the inconvenience that one can undergo in phases when the skin tugs, scratches, is dull for a few weeks . We are at light years issues such as atopy or eczema, of course: here, the brand focuses on the skin’s “weaknesses” to soothe it. Bad-skin days are usually due to stress, fatigue, climatic variations, hormonal cycle, water quality, etc.

An anti-aging care 
Question: how does one deal with his skin sensitized punctually when in addition, one wants to target the problematic anti-aging? Ah, I’m posing a glue there, huh! Joking aside: one could completely turn to a series of care specific to each problem, which would considerably increase the routine of care. In addition to soothing, the Advanced Génifique Sensitive Lancôme targets anti-aging issues.

serum advanced genic sensitive lancome review test
The composition of Avanced Génifique Sensitive Lancôme

The product consists of two phases which must be mixed before use – I speak to you in my post below. Hence the presence of two INCI lists.

What interests me 
This new serum has strengths, especially on the composition side, which it seems interesting to highlight here:

  • 3 probiotics present in the composition
    “Euh yes … it is interfering this stuff, right ?! I do not understand Babillages! “. You may be used to buying it from your favorite pharmacist. However, this does not mean that they must be ingested.Lancôme was interested in the benefits of probiotics on the skin, integrated into a cosmetic formula. The results obtained tend to show that the bacteria responsible for the irritations of the epidermis would be well combated, to avoid inflammations (such as nasty little pimples).
  • Vitamin E 
    A great classic of the cosmetic industry, which has proved its worth and that (personally) I adore.
  • Kezako ferulic acid  ? In fact, associated with vitamin E, it would form a very good antioxidant active.
  • No alcohol 
    It falls under the meaning, but I prefer to specify it black on white!

serum advanced genic sensitive lancome review test
How to use Advanced Advanced Serum Sensitive?

That’s a good question, too! Because as I explained above, the product is bi-phased:

  • In a capsule, there is a blue phase.
  • In the final packaging, there are the “basic ingredients”.

It will be necessary to mix them once when opening the product, by clipping the capsule as it should be. This is not a gadget operation: it’s just that our famous ferulic acid is capricious. It is an unstable ingredient. As a result, Lancôme has found an intelligent parade: offer to mix it yourself when you are going to use your care for good. This makes it possible to preserve as much as possible the antioxidant function of the serum since it is sealed until the opening by you of the product.

Then you remove the capsule, you shake the product. And you can use it daily on a 30-day cure. However, do not panic: the brand guarantees a stability of its formula for 3 months from the injection of the blue mixture into the base.

The Céline test and its opinion:

The idea of this adventure was to propose the writing of a post with six or eight hands, confronting different opinions and experiences. I think it gives a lot more consistency to a product presentation. Céline and Manuelle have been playing games for several weeks. “The discovery of the product is very playful. Activation of the concentrate is done with a simple “click plug”. It is even a little magical, for the blue concentrate is released before our eyes, like scrolls of smoke. The first feeling was, to deposit a concentrated serum, yes, but with a semi-serum, half-oil finish. Attention, without feeling fatty, or sticky!

I adore it, both by the silky effect it gives to the skin, and by its odor, soft and enveloping. Hydration is felt from the first application. I will continue to use the product and without any hesitation! It’s been almost 1 month since the Advanced Génifique Sensitive has fully integrated my evening routine. The skin is undoubtedly more nourished. My redness decreased in the cheekbones. The complexion is more unified. I feel it especially at the time of the rendering makeup. Unfortunately, I have not found improvements in the condition of my wrinkles (1st wrinkles of the nasolabial furrows).

serum advanced genic sensitive lancome review test
The test and the review of Manuelle

“The packaging is very successful, the bottle is beautiful and gives a precious and mysterious side to the product. The fact that the serum is slightly tinted in blue adds a touch of originality very pleasant, it changes what we can see everywhere! It is fun !

The use of the product is simple! The manipulation to prepare the serum is done in a few seconds and without any difficulty. The pump cap is very practical, it delivers an appropriate dose and makes the use of the product easy and playful. I loved ! As for the application of the product itself, the care penetrates very quickly but in spite of everything the matter is distributed without problem, the texture being fluid without being too liquid one can quickly cover the entire area of the face and neck.

The sensations after application are very pleasant. Having a sensitive skin that tends to dry quickly I have been able to dispense with moisturizing care too rich since I use this serum. It is practical in summer me which avoids to multiply the care in order to let my skin breathe as much as possible. My skin had absolutely no tug or reaction, it was fresh, slightly hydrated and rested and I really appreciated this effect both protective and soothing.

Would I continue to use this product? Until the end of the bottle of course yes! It is effective so I have no reason to quit and my skin tolerates it very well and it is healthy! The only thing that bothered me is the smell of the product that I do not find at all sensory … When the application is a little ‘grimace’ for me I really have a little trouble with it. “

My Lancôme Advanced Serum Test

And finally … place in my opinion! Because I, too, had the chance to test this new product in preview, upstream of its release. On the occasion of the sharing of my vanity beauty for the holidays , I had done you a little teasing … Because I had taken the Advanced Serum Lancôme Génifique in my suitcase! It was also a good test period because my skin can not stand the sun and climate change. Results:

  • 0 feeling warm after going to the sun. Ok, I was protecting myself with an SPF screen (as usual). But there, I never felt my skin suffering from heat and UV rays.
  • On the contrary, I returned from vacation with a very bright complexion … so bright that I no longer wear any foundation at this time.
  • Before leaving, I suffered from pretty scattered redness on the right cheek (go and find out why). After 10 days of testing, they had definitely disappeared.

Remember that I was also very pleasantly surprised by the texture that gave me a lot of fun everyday: it does not stick, it is rather cool and it penetrates very quickly. I was particularly seduced by the texture of the serum, aqueous and a gelled strand. Verdict? My skin of almost thirty has amply appreciated the experience. I am doubly rested when returning from vacation!

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