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Gourmeet Beauty: How To Treat Yourself To A Sensual Look

It is decided, our beauty is greedy and tart, flavored with our favorite flavors. We have a fresh and bright complexion, a chewy mouth, a fruity manicure … The enticing  Beautiful Box of April is full of gluttony, and delights us with surprises and sweet beauty tips for a look as cute and refined as a macaroon, irresistible and girly candy. It’s for the sparkling step by step special “gourmet beauty”, to be tasted at will.

The Step by Step Gourmet Beauty

STEP 1: clean and velvety skin, with L’Oréal Paris new L’Oréal Rare Flower Cleansing Cream . Massage the face and eyes in circular motions with a dab of cream for 30s, until the texture melts in water. The make-up disappears on the surface of the skin. Then a gentle rinse with lukewarm water, and you divinely nourished and soothed skin.

gourmet beauty

STEP 2: For an irresistible smile, pamper your lips with Palmer’s cocoa butter moisturizing balm , essential chocolate secret to protect them from the cold and the sun (yes, this balm also offers SPF 15 sunscreen). Then treat your lips with a touch of glossy vanilla, with the Macaroon Gloss “Kiss Me Butter”.

STEP 3: Fine-tune your smile with a sophisticated, ultra-trendy matte finish, for example, using the delicious lipstick “Longstay Liquid Matte” in Nougatine from Cookie’s Make Up . Wow, your lips are chewy.

STEP 4: For a gourmand and tangy look at your fingertips, illuminate your nails with a fruity touch, for example with the new “Raspberry Therapy” varnish from Be Up Cosmetics. Miam … we’d eat it.

STEP 5: Finally, to boost the brightness of your complexion, place to the luminous make-up technique of the moment … You will love the new badge “Highlighting Balls” and its pearls of illuminating powder for the complexion . Sweep the beads with a brush, then apply the powder on the curved areas of the face: the cheekbones, the eyebrow and the ridge of the nose, and just above Cupid’s bow. Glowy effect assured.

Congrats, here you are sparkling with sensuality, divine to chew 🙂

You will take back a little  tuto beauty ?

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