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Eye Makup: How To Make Eye Makup According To Color

Know how to make up your eyes according to their color: an essential step for a perfect beauty-look! Whatever the color of your eyes, give back to your eyes with our  beauty tips and tricks. Eyes green, brown, blue, gray or black, learn to choose the products you need for a successful makeup.

Eye Makeup Technique

If it is recommended to make up your eyes according to their color and to adapt your mascara, eyeshadows and pencils, the makeup techniques are all the same. You have to know where to put the right colors! The technique of “banana” is the most widespread. To achieve this, place the darkest shadow on the moving eyelid and towards the outer corner of the eye. Then apply the clearest shadow on the inner corner of the eye. This technique awakens the eye, opens it and the sublime!

How to make up your eyes according to their color

Makeup eyes brown

Before you dwell on the technique, begin by identifying the shades that bring out the brown eyes. The preferred colors for your eye shadow or eye pencil are beige, brown, brown, khaki, gold, taupe, purple and black. In summary: you can afford a lot of colors! Pastel shades are the only ones to avoid. So banish white, pink, blue or light green, unflattering to your brown eyes, especially if you have dull skin. And yes, your carnation has its importance in the choice of colors: a gold tint will sublimate the caramel skins while the clear skins with brown eyes will prefer colder tones.

Dull skins will be able to point to high-coverage pigments to bring out the tint of their brown eyes. The translucent makeup is to be forgotten. For you, the ideal colors are walleye, copper and orange. The lighter skins with brown eyes will turn towards violet or taupe, which will revive the radiance of the iris without ever tarnishing their complexion.

Side mascara, prefer black, brown or plum. Brown eyes often have a tip of yellow or shades of green that can have an incredible shine with these colors. Sober colors, but they are ideal for the hazelnut color of your eyes to appear perfectly. Night blue mascara can also be an option: it provides an ideal contrast between the white of the eye and the very dark iris.

Everyday, to highlight your brown eyes, associate brown with notes of gold or copper or a dark blue with gray. Add a dash of black kohl inside your eyes for an intense look. And in the evening, why not choose shadows with metallic effect or glitter? Play with textures, everything goes with your brown eyes.

makeup eyes brown

Make-up blue eyes

It may surprise you, but the complementary color of the blue is … the orange! To bring out your blue eyes, bet on pigments that contain this tint without necessarily giving a “halloweenesque” look to your eyes. The makeup palette can include apricot, brown or even brown. By opening the field of colors, you will realize that a multitude of make-up is available to you. On the warm side, you can choose from bronze, caramel, beige, apricot or peach hues. The cold shades that bring out the blue eyes include pink, coral or purple. Think of using them in moderation!

Blue eyes should immediately proscribe … blue. And yes, nothing like a bland effect than applying a hue too close to your eyes. The green is also to forget on pain of creating a visual shock, the two do not flatter themselves at all. Side mascara, needless to make tons! The blue eyes will favor the black or the brown to intensify the charcoal rendering. Not to mention a line of black pencil to deepen your eyes.

Makeup your blue eyes can vary depending on the size of your eyes. Those with small blue eyes will work with a brown halo eye shadow, above and below the eye. Thus, the eye seems more open and seems to gain about ten millimeters. Is your fixed eyelid smaller than the mobile eyelid? Use the technique of “banana” with brown make-up. On the other hand, if your blue eyes are very large or particularly round, apply khôl, also brown, inside the eye. Nothing like it to lengthen it and give it a sublime “almond” effect.

During the day, blue eyes have a definite advantage: they do not require a lot of makeup to stand out. A good amount of mascara and a touch of kohl may be enough. In the evening or for a special occasion, create a smoky eye or glittery eyes! Hemming your blue eyes with black pencil you “flutter” on the finger to give a charcoal look, then intensify your eyes with a matte black. Finally, the festive touch can be brought by a copper veil superimposed on black. For intense blue eyes!

makeup blue eyes

Make-up green eyes

As for each color, base yourself on the chromatic circle of colors to know the complementary shades of the green. For the green eyes, it will be necessary to bet on tones close to the red during the make-up. You are the lilac, pink, purple, purple, eggplant, cranberry or mauve. On the other hand, forget the colors too close to your iris. Green or blue would only tarnish your look. Whatever color you choose, always apply a light or off-white base to enlarge your eyes.

Bet on an eye shadow that sublimes your skin tone. The dull skins will reveal their green eyes with warm tones in the image of brown, brown or gold. Lighter-colored, light-brown or light brown hair will turn to colder colors: purple, gray, pink or parma. To finish your eye makeup green, do not forget the brown mascara preferably. It blends ideally with the green! Do not you dare colorful mascara? Stay on the black, classic and glamorous.

When you have green eyes and are an amateur of the plum tints, remember to conceal your dark circles under pain of bringing out such a color on your eyelids! Pencil side, black and dark green define the look. Apply these tints to the level of the lashes to give the illusion that you are stuffing them. Side eyeliner, the green of your eyes will be revived by purple or brown.

Do you find your little green eyes? Choose horizontal gradients. Apply the darkest color on the outside of the eye and the ink shade inward. The kohl, on the other hand, is based on the level of the eyelashes for maximum opening of the eye. For round green eyes, avoid over-eyelid pockets. Apply the darkest color to the level of the eyelashes and go up to the fold of the eyelid that you will make up a lighter shade. Emphasize your eyes with a dash of black pencil inside the eye, you will feel your green eyes are smaller.

In the evening, choose dark or metallic colors to bring out your green eyes. Copper or golden, they will sublimate the green color of your eyes because your irises often contain natural glitter that just needs to be underlined. Finally, apply a black or purple pencil to perfect your festive beauty-look!

makeup green eyes

Make-up gray eyes

Gray eyes are among the rarest colors, so it is not obvious to put them in beauty with the right products. They often have warm and cool tones, so they can be sublimated using a rather dark make-up based on black. Sometimes you just have to heave your gaze with a line of black liner or kohl to sublimate your gray eyes.

Do you prefer to apply color to your eyes? Prefer shades such as plum, purple or khaki. If your gray pulls on the blue, do not hesitate to bet on a dash of navy blue kohl. As with other eye colors, avoid tone on tone. Do not choose gray make-up products that would only tarnish your gray eyes. Also forget the pastel shades that will not bring anything more to your eyes. Side mascara, opt for the classic: black is the one that will bring out your eye color.

In the evening, again: bet on black! The essential  smoky eye will be realized with dark shades. You can, however, also consider applying shades to the plum, whether it be matt or metallic. Anyway, focus on a “charcoal” effect to give your gray eyes a perfect intensity. For festive occasions, on your black shadow, choose to apply glitter golden or copper. What to bring out the unique shade of your gray eyes!

makeup gray eyes

Make up black eyes

Make up her black eyes goes through a multitude of colors! If black will bring out your dark eyes, you can also go to warm shades, including brown, copper and golden. Finally, be aware that the emerald green or the sapphire blue, both deep, will go perfectly with your black eyes, especially when you make up for an evening. During the day, however, think of pastel shades such as pink, gray or purple. In short, black eyes can afford a lot of follies! However, keep in mind that pastel colors should be applied in small touches or slightly degraded. Applied on the entire eyelid, they would only fade your black eyes.

In the evening, build your makeup around a brown or black eye shadow in base. Apply it with a brush to the outer corner of the eye, depositing it in a V shape. Apply blue or green on the inner corner of the eye and blend it with a brush, avoiding it to harden your features. Then bet on a line of kohl at the level of the eyelashes. Apply a thick line to then fade up, with a fine brush. When applying your mascara, insist especially on the root of the eyelashes that will create a perfect contrast with the color of the make-up behind. A hypnotizing look!

When choosing the materials, forget the materials are either too dull or too liquid that will tend to darken or weigh down your dark eyes.

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