Corporate Gift Ideas that Are Guaranteed to Please Gifts 

Corporate Gift Ideas that Are Guaranteed to Please

If you run a business, the festive season of Christmas is the time to send your customers a gift, and if you think choosing a family gift is difficult, try selecting something suitable for your best client. Getting it wrong can have a negative impact, or even worse, result in the loss of business, and with that in mind, here are some ideas to give you some inspiration when selecting suitable gifts for your customers. The Golf Umbrella – There is nothing quite as practical as a golf umbrella, which…

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Save Your Sanity with Retail Therapy Gifts 

Save Your Sanity with Retail Therapy

I received the surprise of my life when my parents called me up and told me they had put my present in the mail.  They are usually so frazzled by all the Christmas shopping, tree trimming and hall-decking that goes on, they’ve been known to take the joy out of the season with their constant bickering and fighting.   He wants Santa on the roof with a million lights shining on him, she wants the baby Jesus in a manger on the front lawn – with a million lights shining on…

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bhaidooj gifts Gifts 

Delicious Treats to Celebrate Sibling Affection on Bhai Dooj

The celebration of Bhai dooj marks the delight of brother-sister affection that ties the two siblings together with warmth and joy. The ceremony involves the sister applying the sacred tilak on her brother’s forehead, and performing the rite of aarti. This simple yet significant eve is fraught with auspiciousness and joy – splendidly symbolizing the bond of love and fraternity that ties the brother and sister together. The ceremony of bhai dooj Scrumptious and delectable dishes are given to the brothers by their sisters on this day. From sweets to…

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