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Wreath Braid: How To Make This Greek Goddes Hairstyle

Want to refresh your hair with a soft and mutinous hairstyle, worthy of a graceful Greek goddess? Drop your eternal ponytail, and crack for this divine tress crown with youthful and bohemian accents, deliciously romantic … Hop, go for the trendiest tutorial  of the summer. Goddess’s Hairstyle: the step by step Step 1: One begins by tying a small bun on the top of the skull. Girlfriend advice: to make the braid crown hold well, you avoid running after the shampoo. Hair too clean, ok it smells good but what is slippery … Step 2:…

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Boxer Braids: Tell Us, Kim, Kylie & Co, How To Make This Hairstyle

Hashtagues boxerbraids, these braids straight down from the ring (and podiums) flood the social networks. Cute and stylish, from field trips to trendy evenings, boxer braids braid under all circumstances … and with a disconcerting simplicity. If, if promised, it is the tuto hairstyle that says it. Come on, we give you the secrets of this hairstyle tutorial … Tuto Coiffure: the step by step Step 1: Draw a line in the middle, to the back of the skull, to separate the hair in half. And the elastic is attached to the side which will not…

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With a few Readers, We Tried The Brand New Lancôme Sensitive Advanced Serum.

Remember … In August, before spinning on vacation, I suggested to you on Instagram to test with me the new reference of facial care signed Lancôme, the Serum Advanced Génifique Sensitive. The idea? Tell us about our first impressions after 3 to 4 weeks of treatment. The promise of Advanced Genifique Sensitive Lancôme Summary of previous episodes. A few years ago, Lancôme launched the Génifique range. With Génifique serum, the brand promised to act in a targeted way on ten anti-aging problems: tone, elasticity and texture of the skin, fine lines and wrinkles, radiance and clarity…

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