Mix Natural Products – When Customized Cosmetics Become Accessible.

When we hear cosmetic made to measure, we imagine a cream to 80 €. And yes, tailor-made, it has a cost. There is also a French brand that proposes this (but I will tell you a little later). For me the brand is a bit of a solution for babes, who, like me, do not dare go into cosmetics house. Place to Video explanatory =) The site Mix nature The site is beautiful, easy to use, clear, in short I love. I spent several hours to read, to dissect and especially to customize my…

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Shaving The Face Is It Really a Good Beauty 

Shaving The Face Is It Really a Good Idea?

I do not count the number of videos I’ve seen on Facebook or Instagram on the subject . Moreover, the reactions are often the same. On one side we have the “Omg, it’s going to have black hair everywhere“ and the “No, but it’s nothing very naughty”. So, who is right ? Here is all the question. Why shave your face? Yes, for many the idea is more than strange. It all started with a tutorial by Huda Kattan Alias ​​Huda Beauty who has been shaving her face for a while now. Of course, being a great…

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Spirulina In Face Care - 3 Recipes For a Sharper Skin Beauty 

Spirulina In Face Care – 3 Recipes For a Sharper Skin

Ha Spirulina, this small alga known for these multiple properties and especially to be part of the very closed club Super Food. Consuming Spirulina is great for the body, hair, skin, etc. But taste is not excellent, in short, we must love. I had the urge to test recipes based on Spirulina. Its high Zinc content makes Spirulina a perfect ingredient to fight against acne, blemishes and skin problems. In short, Spirulina is a super ally 100% natural beauty Face masks with Spirulina for a sharper skin and to fight acne Zinc, selenium and Vitamin…

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Anti-Button Patch Beauty 

Back to School Favorites – Vegan Foundation & Anti-Button Patch

It has been a long time since I wrote an article. I had some problems with the blog, I think you noticed it was last week. I had problems of hosting and as always La Débrouillarde it is transformed into La Poissarde. Fortunately everything is (finally) returned in order and I am at the top of my form. In short, let us return to our sheep. During this period Out, I released my video Favorites of the Return with my discoveries and my favorites of the moment. En route for a small beauty article as…

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Reviews On Our Box Beauty: Beauty 

Reviews On Our Box Beauty: Why Bloggers Love It

Beautistas with the cleat, lovers of novelties and addicts to beauty boxes , this article is for you: web chatters tell us all about the Beautiful Box. Do you know that there are 7 great trends among Beautiful Ladies? Small inventory of beauty bloggers … Beauty blogers seduced by the Beautiful Box The insane of packaging In Beautiful Box, there’s Beautiful and … Box. In short, every month we put the PACKAGE so that the PACKAGE is a CARDBOARD (giggle, gig). And Beautiful Ladies love it, as testified by the opinions  of beauty bloggers …  Nadame  appreciates the  packaging very beautiful,…

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The Beautiful Box Beauty 

Orginal Gift Idea For Women: And If You Offerd The Beautiful Box

Are you looking for an original gift idea for a woman and want to be guided? If you were offering a Beautiful Box gift card? She will please him! And good news for you: it’s simple and super fast to make fun with a subscription to our beauty box , the Beautiful Box. An ideal and original gift for women Want to spoil your beauty fan woman? Your sister a little difficult? Or your mother who would need  beauty tips ? Go to the ” I offer ” page of our site . Choose the subscription period you want to offer: 3, 6 or…

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A Sensual Look Beauty 

Gourmeet Beauty: How To Treat Yourself To A Sensual Look

It is decided, our beauty is greedy and tart, flavored with our favorite flavors. We have a fresh and bright complexion, a chewy mouth, a fruity manicure … The enticing  Beautiful Box of April is full of gluttony, and delights us with surprises and sweet beauty tips for a look as cute and refined as a macaroon, irresistible and girly candy. It’s for the sparkling step by step special “gourmet beauty”, to be tasted at will. The Step by Step Gourmet Beauty STEP 1: clean and velvety skin, with L’Oréal Paris new L’Oréal Rare Flower…

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Lips: How Well To Wear Dark Lipistick Beauty 

Tuto Makeup Dark Lips: How Well To Wear Dark Lipistick

What if you tried the Dark Lips look? Elegant, rock and glamor, this inescapable make-up tendency flatter our beauty with audacity and originality. Place to our step by step imprinted with nocturnal darkness, for lips irresistible intensity … and ready to dispense a tornado of sweet kisses. Nice program for our make-up case . Step by step to make up a pretty dark mouth STEP 1: Start by moisturizing your lips; a smooth and homogeneous mouth is the key to a perfect lip makeup. In order to fight effectively against dryness and cracking, pamper them with a…

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Eye Makup: How To Make Eye Makup Beauty 

Eye Makup: How To Make Eye Makup According To Color

Know how to make up your eyes according to their color: an essential step for a perfect beauty-look! Whatever the color of your eyes, give back to your eyes with our  beauty tips and tricks. Eyes green, brown, blue, gray or black, learn to choose the products you need for a successful makeup. Eye Makeup Technique If it is recommended to make up your eyes according to their color and to adapt your mascara, eyeshadows and pencils, the makeup techniques are all the same. You have to know where to put the right colors! The technique…

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All Beauty Tips That Stand Beauty 

All Beauty Tips That Stand The Test Of Time

There are beauty tricks that have been used since the dawn of time and that all women use and that still stand the test of time despite the many years. And you, too, are you using these beauty tricks at home, in your daily life? These beauty tricks that last for decades! Tips for Hair! You can wrap them with a simple ribbon. Just wrap her hair in. Stuff hair from the root to the tips for more shine. To hide root growth and make the hair look bigger, use eye pencils…

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