A Magical Smile Beauty 

A Magical Smile

In the modern world, the quickest way to convey vitality and glamour is by flashing a dazzling smile. However, two things dictate the nature and impact of your smile; your makeup and the color of your teeth. A well applied make up complemented with bleach-white teeth is a boost to self-confidence. There are two groups of people in this category. Those who want to follow every detail without overdoing it and those who want to overdo it and then end up messing everything. When it comes to applying makeup, being…

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Hangover Spray Too Faced: The Three-In-One Makeup mist Beauty 

Hangover Spray Too Faced: The Three-In-One Makeup mist

Action, reaction … So I waited until September to publish a review about this famous Hangover Spray Too Faced, released recently at Sephora in France. Come on, without further ado: place to the article. Good reading ! What is the Hangover Spray Too Faced? This is an extension of the Hangover Too Faced range, which offered a simple make-up base for the complexion . This time, this spray offers three distinct functions: prepare the skin to receive the make-up: the Hangover Spray Too Faced then serves as an ultra-fine make-up base. fix make-up: this is…

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