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Buccotherm: Natural Toothpaste With Thermal Water – Contest

The brand, developed by the Laboratoire ODOST and distributed by the Laboratories Pierre Fabre Oral Care, promises a complete range of natural dental care. Each toothpaste is formulated with Thermal water, and enriched with active ingredients selected for their good tolerance. The brand also undertakes to work with a minimum of conservatives, on which a certain rigor is particularly provided.

In general, Buccotherm toothpaste is recommended for people with sensitive teeth and mucous membranes. So, everyone can use it because it is a very soft product.

What is the utility of Thermal Water at Buccotherm?

This is not the first time that the subject of the Thermal Water has been addressed on Babillages: you know how much I appreciate it and I like to use it in my daily beauty ritual. Each thermal water has its specificities, that of Castéra-Verduzan (located in the South-West of France) used by Buccotherm has a basic pH. It would help to fight the acidity of the mouth.

And this is where I am particularly interested: since my childhood, the dentists I met told me that the tartar I was suffering from was not due to poor dental hygiene but … to a problem of dental hygiene, acidity of the saliva. This is where the use of a toothpaste like Buccotherm proves to be interesting, for brushing + optimal care.

For information, the health resort of Castéra-Verduzan located in Gers was approved by the Ministry of Health in 1983 for the treatment of periodontal diseases and affections of the bucco-lingual mucous membranes.

toothpaste thermal water buccotherm tooth care white toothpaste
Fluoride and the Bio ECOCERT certification for Buccotherm

Other information that may be of interest in toothpaste selection:

  • Fluorine. We hear about it especially when we are small. Although fluoride is important, it is not necessary in the same way according to the ages. Fluorine is therefore dosed differently depending on the product types and their targets. Even absent for a reference toothpaste child from 3 years.
  • The Bio ECOCERT certification was made on five references from the Buccotherm range. These are Organic Sensitive Gel Tooth Gel, ORGANIC BIO Spray, ORGANIC BIO Spray, Organic BIO First Baume and Organic White & Organic Toothpaste.

toothpaste thermal water buccotherm tooth care white toothpaste

How to use Buccotherm toothpaste?

Far be it from me to take you for a few days. But a booster sting is always necessary! Brush your teeth two minutes twice a day, brushing with a soft toothbrush adapted from the gum to the tip of the tooth.

At the moment I test the Organic Buccotherm Whitening Toothpaste, based on propolis. It is dedicated to adults and is particularly well suited for everyday use. This is a 75mL flexible tube format, very easy to take on a trip – it goes in the cabin when traveling by plane. I appreciate the fact that the paste looks thick on coming out of the tube, but that it “melts” by resting on the teeth. The taste is ultra fresh without being unpleasant, that’s exactly what I’m looking for in a good toothpaste.

There are other references for the whole family: Toothpaste Prevention Caries Buccotherm, toothpaste gel ORGANIC Taste red fruits, balm for the first teeth ORGANIC …

#CONCOURSES – Want to test Buccotherm?

I offer five of you to win a Buccotherm Whitening Kit. To do so, I will give you an appointment directly on Instagram to participate tomorrow (Tuesday, September 12). Good luck!

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