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Boxer Braids: Tell Us, Kim, Kylie & Co, How To Make This Hairstyle

Hashtagues boxerbraids, these braids straight down from the ring (and podiums) flood the social networks. Cute and stylish, from field trips to trendy evenings, boxer braids braid under all circumstances … and with a disconcerting simplicity. If, if promised, it is the tuto hairstyle that says it. Come on, we give you the secrets of this hairstyle tutorial …

Tuto Coiffure: the step by step

Step 1: Draw a line in the middle, to the back of the skull, to separate the hair in half. And the elastic is attached to the side which will not be dealt with at once.

Step 2: Select the wick closest to the front, divided into three equal parts. Then we attack our African braid, tightly, crossing the locks under (this is the secret of a mat in relief).

boxer braids tuto hairstyle 1

Step 3: Braiding is continued firmly backwards, adding little by little the remaining locks to the points.

Step 4: guess what? we take everything on the other side. Hop, it’s done, you’re adorned with adorable boxer braids. According to the inspi, they are allowed to float on the shoulders, or they are united by attaching them wisely together.

boxer braids tuto hairstyle 3

Boxer braids: you’ll love this trendy hairstyle

You’re in the mood messy hair ? Pull a bit on the locks to give volume to your braids, way corn wheat into madness. And if the motivation is itching your fingers, do not hesitate to multiply your boxer braids: by lot of four, even six … What to put KO your opponents capillaries.

Go, it’s time to draw the smartphone: file poster your trendy masterpiece on the canvas, Kylie Jenner will undoubtedly hasten the liker.

You can not stop braiding?

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