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Back to School Favorites – Vegan Foundation & Anti-Button Patch

It has been a long time since I wrote an article. I had some problems with the blog, I think you noticed it was last week.

I had problems of hosting and as always La Débrouillarde it is transformed into La Poissarde.

Fortunately everything is (finally) returned in order and I am at the top of my form.

In short, let us return to our sheep. During this period Out, I released my video Favorites of the Return with my discoveries and my favorites of the moment.

En route for a small beauty article as we like them =)

My Favorite Back to School – To be at the top in September

With me, no back to school, because simply, I have not been in school or going for a few years.

I find it ridiculous at age 26 to still offer this type of content to go to school. Anyway, that is only my opinion. =)

I preferred to talk to you about my favorites, my discoveries of the moment.

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