All Beauty Tips That StandBeauty 

All Beauty Tips That Stand The Test Of Time

There are beauty tricks that have been used since the dawn of time and that all women use and that still stand the test of time despite the many years. And you, too, are you using these beauty tricks at home, in your daily life?

These beauty tricks that last for decades!

Tips for Hair!

  • You can wrap them with a simple ribbon. Just wrap her hair in.
  • Stuff hair from the root to the tips for more shine.
  • To hide root growth and make the hair look bigger, use eye pencils of the same color.
  • Show photos to your hairdresser to get the right result: cut, color and hairstyle.
  • For less visible roots, make a zigzag stripe.
  • Put some lacquer on the hair so that the hair can be washed off less quickly and to smooth the rebellious hair with a clean mascara brush.

  • A hat or scarf should be worn to protect the hair from the sun.
  • To avoid hair loss, you have to sleep on a satin or silk pillow.
  • Hair pins have long been used inadequately

Tips for the eyebrows!

  • Before removing the eyebrows, relax the skin with lukewarm water and cotton.
  • It is necessary to depilate the eyebrows in the direction of hair growth.
  • It is not advisable to cover the eyebrows with a pencil.
  • Do not draw the eyebrows with the tip of the pencil but the side of it.
  • To control the rebellious eyebrows, apply a little lacquer on it with a mascara brush.

Tips for the eyes!

  • To make the colors of the shadows more intense, first apply a white pencil.
  • It is necessary to straighten the head to put mascara.
  • The mascara that is applied to the lower lashes make this area smaller and the eyes smaller.

  • To emphasize your eyes, you can use a credit card.

Tips for the skin!

  • Use a foundation instead of a concealer to conceal skin blemishes or redness.
  • Do not touch the facial skin unless necessary to avoid bacteria.
  • Make sure your brushes are in good condition and wash them from time to time so that they are clean with shampoo.
  • Never touch a button, do not explode it, as in addition to a scar, you can damage other tissues in your face.
  • Apply the blush on the cheekbones in the direction of the hair growth line.
  • The skin color of the wrists is different from that of the face to avoid a foundation found on the neck.

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