7 Tips To Promote Your Store On InstagramShopping 

7 Tips To Promote Your Store On Instagram

So, you’re ready to link your store to an Instagram account? Super! It’s never too late to connect you to one of the most popular social media networks, especially if it can help with your conversion. Instagram is probably one of the easiest social media platforms to manage, so if you want to approach an expert, that’s not necessary, as Instagram is easy to manage for the a-technical.

Let’s start!

First, download  the Instagram app on your Android or iOS smartphone. Instagram does have a web page, but crazy enough, you can not upload photos from there. So, if you want to post a picture, you will need to use your smartphone.

Then you create an account. It is advisable to choose a username that matches as much as possible with your business name. In some cases your desired name may already be chosen or is too short or too long. When that happens, you will have to be creative. For example, add country or location.

1. Place the first photos

After creating your profile, it’s time to post your first photos! Start with a few pictures to add your gallery and then post a weekly posting of at least 2 to 3 pictures. It’s exactly as easy as it sounds, namely to take a picture and post with an appropriate description (and hashtags). There are many tricks that you can apply to attract extra attention from existing and potential customers.

For example, put pictures of products or brands that you offer in your assortment. Even though Instagram has been developed to take ‘instant’ pictures of objects and the world around you – basically it’s a digital polaroid – it’s no harm to use professional photography and styling.

Basque Instagram

Basques in Amsterdam often post a picture of the different brands they sell.

2. Well or no filter?

If you place photos taken through a professional set-up, additional filters to the pictures can ruin the result. But if you’re dealing with the limited capabilities of a smartphone camera, Instagram can correct your photos just by means of filters and customization features. These are integrated into the app.

The choice is for you to decide if your photos need extra saturation, contrast or an appropriate filter. You’ve heard people say, “Everyone thinks to be a professional photographer at Instagram.” Crazy enough, there’s a core of truth. You may think it’s a terrible photographer, but I assure you: Get started with the Instagram app filters and your self-confidence for photography will increase astonishingly.

Hint: The ‘Valencia’ filter makes people usually look taller, but that’s one of the most used tricks on Instagram. Try to find your own success formula to show your product (or yourself) as beautifully as possible. Consider bringing your “filter skills” to a higher level by downloading apps like Camera + or Facetune. Facetune lets you customize your photos so that your objects / people look as flawless as possible, and who does not want any flawless photos?

3. Place more than just product photos

Have you attended an interesting meeting? Have an appointment with a hip showroom? Have you given a party in your physical store? Posting events is a great way to connect with your customers, suppliers, and other people around you. Do not forget to ask people what their Instagram account is so you can connect with them!

4. Use hashtags

You’ve heard people from the many uses of hashtags. Although they may be tiresome and boring on other social media platforms, they are fully accepted on Instagram (We recommend not using it too much, up to 4). Hashtags are important because people often search for words and those hashtags link those searches to your Instagram account.

Hint: do not use hashtags that; or too long (#dezetruienzijngemaaktvanwol), or too common (#trui). Keep it in words where people are most likely to search.

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