7 Easy Tips For Led Shop Lighting!Shopping 

7 Easy Tips For Led Shop Lighting!

The easiest way to save with LED lighting is the retrofit light source. By far not in all respects, this is the most ideal light source, but it is a light source that lets you easily and quickly adjust your shop lighting to LED lighting. Old lamp out, new lamp in it. However, it is observing these light sources! Many retrofit light sources have a lower light output than your current lamps. In fact, it becomes darker in your store, and that’s exactly what we do not want. After all; The more light …. Compare the amount of lumen announced beforehand or let us help you with a free light calculation.


Replace existing TL luminaires for led panels. This is offered by many companies or system ceilings suppliers at prices for which a reliable product can not even be made. A good led panel meets a number of conditions, for example, to mention something; after 70% of life, light output may only be 30%. The aluminum led panels are illuminated from the frame around. If the light output drops over time, a dark spot will appear in the center of the panel. To counteract this, our manufacturer has chosen not to make a very thin panel, but a traditional 600 x 600 led luminaire that, through center of led modules, evenly illuminates the opal plate from the top.


Exchange your TL tubes for LED Tubes, or LED tubes is something that is a perfect solution for in a car park or other place where waterproof luminaires are located. There are many better solutions imaginable in your store. Often ledtubes are priced so that the investment is only useful with huge numbers. In general, the light technology of the ledtubes we encounter in the market is also not so high that it is wise to apply as a shop lighting.


Downlights were often used in the past and a shop concept or light scheme was used to create a general light image in the shop. Compact fluorescence is, in fact, the same as TL and has a perfect look (with sufficient maintenance and the right reflector). The bundles overlap each other exactly, thus creating a very even light image. Nowadays, one wants to create an atmosphere in the store, want to create corners and sometimes work with beautiful shadow parties for the right effect. With light calculation software we can already determine exactly how many spots with which bundle we need to think, hence work with downlightsin the retail will be slightly less. With today’s led spots, we can relieve large areas, in combination with narrow bundles wherever we want.


When purchasing your shop lighting, note the CRI values. Read more on our start-page blog. A normal store can work well with a cri value of 80, but you want a little extra, or is color in your clothing store an important point because there is little daylight, then it’s definitely advisable to get a higher CRI value. go.


The use of voltage rails is not limited to fixed light points, you can move, remove, and move spots. There are also loose adapters for which you can feed your Christmas lights from the same voltage track. A multi functional system. In almost every shop there are CDM, or gas discharge luminaires. This light source is known for its beautiful color display, a beautiful sparkling light and a good lumen / watt ratio. Until recently, it was difficult to match this, but Philips and Osram today make beautiful modules that can be built into luminaires. When the luminaire, in combination with the ballast and cooling, contains the correct values, a perfect led rail spot with even better lumen / watt ratio than with CDM luminaires. In addition, your air conditioning needs less work in the summer and less energy, for higher light output. You can do that with onegood led railspot with 2000 or 3000 lumen easily match a 35 to even 70 watt CDM spot!


You are not yet convinced of the light color and the light output, we are happy to help you with the threshold. In the current situation, we would like to hang out with some of our led rail lights or LED downlights, so you can experience how nice the light is and how high the light output is. We do this without obligation, by location by appointment.

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