2018's top men's style predictionsFashion 

2018’s Top Men’s Style Predictions

Are you interested to know what the well-dressed man of 2018 will be wearing? Read on to find out.


While hats have never actually gone out of fashion, expect to see some changes this year. Berets have become increasingly popular on the catwalks and have been given a contemporary makeover by designers such as Prada.

Classic footwear will return

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Classic footwear will return

There will be a move away from cheap, mass-produced and disposable fashion in 2018, particularly when it comes to footwear. Chunky trainers are set to be a popular look; however, the real focus will be on well-crafted lace-up boots and shoes. Traditional shoe brands will be at the forefront as the fashion industry moves towards quality, craftsmanship and longevity. High-end footwear retailers are also expected to see a boost as more and more consumers seek out better materials and methods.

Quality not quantity

The explosion of cheap, disposable clothing in the past decade is not sustainable and is not desirable, especially when you speak to those within the fashion industry. 2018 is expected to be the year when consumers demand more sustainable and high-quality garments, so expect retailers and designers who offer these to become increasingly popular as the year progresses. Well-made, high-quality items, such as mens designer shirts from reputable retailers such as https://www.ejmenswear.com/, will be the order of the day, while cheap high street stores selling identikit fashion are likely to fall out of favour.

Sustainable fashion will become more popular

The Huffington Post has a whole section devoted to sustainable and ethical fashion, highlighting brands that are doing their bit to deliver intelligent fashion that does not destroy the environment. It recommends that consumers demand more transparency from fashion brands, which is something that many retailers, designers and manufacturers have started to take on board over the past few years.

No more skinny jeans

Skinny jeans have been ubiquitous for the past few years, but they are set to disappear from the high street in 2018. There will be a move towards a more relaxed fit, straight leg jean and trouser. This has already been happening for a while amongst fashion-forward men, but it will be a huge look this year. The classic silhouette of traditional men’s clothing will feature much more heavily in fashion lines, both high end and high street.

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