Spirulina In Face Care - 3 Recipes For a Sharper Skin Beauty 

Spirulina In Face Care – 3 Recipes For a Sharper Skin

Ha Spirulina, this small alga known for these multiple properties and especially to be part of the very closed club Super Food. Consuming Spirulina is great for the body, hair, skin, etc. But taste is not excellent, in short, we must love. I had the urge to test recipes based on Spirulina. Its high Zinc content makes Spirulina a perfect ingredient to fight against acne, blemishes and skin problems. In short, Spirulina is a super ally 100% natural beauty Face masks with Spirulina for a sharper skin and to fight acne Zinc, selenium and Vitamin…

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Anti-Button Patch Beauty 

Back to School Favorites – Vegan Foundation & Anti-Button Patch

It has been a long time since I wrote an article. I had some problems with the blog, I think you noticed it was last week. I had problems of hosting and as always La Débrouillarde it is transformed into La Poissarde. Fortunately everything is (finally) returned in order and I am at the top of my form. In short, let us return to our sheep. During this period Out, I released my video Favorites of the Return with my discoveries and my favorites of the moment. En route for a small beauty article as…

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