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Women’s Gift The Ideal Beauty Box To Offer

Before, women’s gift boxes contained miniatures of products not necessarily adapted to your tastes or your physical characteristics. Now there is the best gift box for women: the Beautiful Box. With its products in “full size”, it spoils you every month to realize trendy beauty-looks. Looking for the perfect gift box for women? A beauty box  that will delight your companion, your sister, your stepmother and your best friend? We have the solution. Thanks to the Beautiful Box you are certain to delight all the women who surround you. Discover what makes this beauty  box the ideal gift box…

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Hairstyle Fashion 

Wreath Braid: How To Make This Greek Goddes Hairstyle

Want to refresh your hair with a soft and mutinous hairstyle, worthy of a graceful Greek goddess? Drop your eternal ponytail, and crack for this divine tress crown with youthful and bohemian accents, deliciously romantic … Hop, go for the trendiest tutorial  of the summer. Goddess’s Hairstyle: the step by step Step 1: One begins by tying a small bun on the top of the skull. Girlfriend advice: to make the braid crown hold well, you avoid running after the shampoo. Hair too clean, ok it smells good but what is slippery … Step 2:…

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