A Sensual Look Beauty 

Gourmeet Beauty: How To Treat Yourself To A Sensual Look

It is decided, our beauty is greedy and tart, flavored with our favorite flavors. We have a fresh and bright complexion, a chewy mouth, a fruity manicure … The enticing  Beautiful Box of April is full of gluttony, and delights us with surprises and sweet beauty tips for a look as cute and refined as a macaroon, irresistible and girly candy. It’s for the sparkling step by step special “gourmet beauty”, to be tasted at will. The Step by Step Gourmet Beauty STEP 1: clean and velvety skin, with L’Oréal Paris new L’Oréal Rare Flower…

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10 Tips To Make Your Store Attractive To Women Shopping 

10 Tips To Make Your Store Attractive To Women

Women pay attention in your store. Research shows that women are leaders in shopping, even when it comes to the purchase of ‘men’s products’. Women have a major influence on orientation, but they also often play a decisive role in purchasing. What can you do to make your store attractive to women? Buying men, shopping women. Women need a different approach with more emotion and storytelling. Photo Life The two-wheeler industry is a real men’s world. The decision makers at suppliers and manufacturers are generally men. The vast majority of the two-wheelers are also male. As a result,…

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Lips: How Well To Wear Dark Lipistick Beauty 

Tuto Makeup Dark Lips: How Well To Wear Dark Lipistick

What if you tried the Dark Lips look? Elegant, rock and glamor, this inescapable make-up tendency flatter our beauty with audacity and originality. Place to our step by step imprinted with nocturnal darkness, for lips irresistible intensity … and ready to dispense a tornado of sweet kisses. Nice program for our make-up case . Step by step to make up a pretty dark mouth STEP 1: Start by moisturizing your lips; a smooth and homogeneous mouth is the key to a perfect lip makeup. In order to fight effectively against dryness and cracking, pamper them with a…

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