10 Tips To Make Your Store Attractive To WomenShopping 

10 Tips To Make Your Store Attractive To Women

Women pay attention in your store. Research shows that women are leaders in shopping, even when it comes to the purchase of ‘men’s products’. Women have a major influence on orientation, but they also often play a decisive role in purchasing. What can you do to make your store attractive to women?

Buying men, shopping women. Women need a different approach with more emotion and storytelling. Photo Life

The two-wheeler industry is a real men’s world. The decision makers at suppliers and manufacturers are generally men. The vast majority of the two-wheelers are also male. As a result, women’s attention is not large. And that’s a missed opportunity. Hans van Counts of Shopping Center Researcher Strabo, together with Kien / Panelwizard, conducted an online survey among 1,129 consumers *. This research shows that women play a major role in the procurement process, even when it comes to the purchases that men make. Women often have a decisive influence on both the orientation and the purchase of a product, whether for women or for a typical “men’s product” like men’s clothes, a drill or laptop. The research further shows that the average female spending is higher.

Shopwoman Chantal Riedeman

Chantal Riedeman is  Shopologist  and, with her company Shopology, provides a lot of sales training and customer-focused workshops to retailers. She finds that women are the blind spot for everyone who is retail: “I do not understand that retailers still underestimate women in the year 2020 as a” serious “consumer,” she says. “What a missed opportunity! And that is true not only for the two-wheeler industry but also for supermarkets, electronics, the garden industry and DHZ business. There is still not enough thought for the woman at the shop, product presentation and product communication. “

Balance in team

In women it is important to pay attention to the details, such as neat coffee cups instead of cups, well-kept toilets and more female employees. It seems to be insignificant details, but just about the details where men are less valued, women attach great value. And, therefore, are extra important if you know that it’s the women who actually manage the wallet. It is also important to have enough female employees in the team. “That alone is good for the dynamics of the team. The change between the man’s job-oriented and the more relationship-oriented of the woman is very important. There must be a good balance between men and women in each team, “says Chantal Riedeman.

Women shopping 

In men, the presentation in the store is less important because they shop a lot more purposefully. Buying men, shopping women. Women need a different approach with more emotion and storytelling. Chantal: “Women are much more sensitive to image and sensory stimuli. Use large visuals to show which use the bike is suitable for. Is the e-bike suitable for long trips through the woods, short city drives or bringing children to school? That has to show you, not what the technical specifications are. “

10 tips to make your store attractive to women

Chantal Riedeman gives the following tips to make your store attractive to women:

  1. The female customer has a lot of influence on purchasing products, including typical ‘men’s products’, pay extra attention to women!
  2. The emotional brain of women (the part of our brain that makes the buying decisions) is very sensitive to storytelling and emotion, and is NOT sensitive to facts
  3. Present products clearly in groups, for example on function
  4. Illustrate the ‘theme’ with cave visuals, where is the bicycle for use?
  5. Recognize that men and women take other buying decisions
  6. Do you grow up in the wishes of a woman: Women want to shop, are less targeted, so make sure there is always some news
  7. Inspire, surprise. There is so much about all products, let it be seen, feel and experience literally on your shop floor. Not just in a conversation, but if people are even walking around for a while, that’s the moment
  8. Ensure a good balance in male and female staff
  9. Remember, women often want to be helped by a woman
  10. Make a choice: If you want to be there for women, do it well!

*) Source: RetailWatching

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